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December 2008 Newsletter
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CampControl goes Multi-Lingual ...

  • Cost Control Tips
  • Sample Custody Tips
  • Expediting Tips
  • Inventory Control Tips
  • RoundUp, Vancouver, 2009
  • PDAC, Toronto, 2009
  • Toll-Free Phone Support

French and Spanish Versions Launched

Since launching CampControl in 2007, we have had many approaches to provide our services in Spanish and in French.  Starting this month, users are able to select between English, Spanish and French interfaces to CampControl.  Easy-to-access demonstrations of CampControl accounts in all three languages can be viewed from the CampControl Home Page

A Quick Word

Welcome to the first issue of our new monthly newsletter -- with Season's Greetings for 2009!
CampControl is a comprehensive system for the Internet-based management of remote minerals exploration and small mining operations, currently in use from northern Canada to Mongolia.

Since we are adding capabilities to CampControl every month, the best way to inform our users and potential users of these extensions is via a monthly newsletter.

This maiden issue of the newsletter is being sent to all users of CampControl, as well as to visitors to our tradeshow booths who expressed an interest in CampControl.

Controlling Costs with CampControl

If you are an Exploration Services Contractor, you can manage multiple exploration company clients from one CampControl account.  Click here to see how.  If you contract out your exploration, make it a condition in the contract that the contractor uses CampControl.  That way, by logging in to CampControl you have 24/7 access to staff timesheets and many other project progress metrics, including purchasing records.  You control you costs by keeping your contractors on their toes.  And when they leave your project or property, their records are all your records - not buried in someone else's office!

Exploration Best Practice Tips

CampControl makes it easy to implement best practices in exploration.  They are built in to the CampControl workflow, as shown in the useful tips below:
  • Sample Custody Best Practice
    All individual collections of samples sent to a laboratory for analysis should be given a "Sample Batch Identifier", or SBI.  The SBI should have a constant format, such as <Country Code><Year><Sample Type><Sequence Number> - for example: CA/08/R/038.  Each SBI will correspond with one or more Laboratory Batch (or Job) number(s).  Documentation of sample shipments should be able to cater for more than one Sample Batch in one shipment.  CampControl builds these best practices effortlessly into your workflow, and can automatically store results emailed out from laboratories alongside the original sample submission documentation.  Click here for more on Sample Custody in CampControl.
  • Expediting Best Practice
    Good expediters send written descriptions of all shipped items in each shipment they send out to a field camp or mining operation.  The best expediters describe each container these items are shipped in, together with its contents, and the weight of the packed container - particularly if it has to travel on an aircraft.  CampControl builds these best practices effortlessly into its freighting/shipping workflow for both ordered goods and samples.  Click here to see how.
  • Inventory Control Best Practice
    Cost-conscious purchasers of capital items ensure that their purchases are immediately entered onto the Company's inventory list to control losses.  CampControl's order-processing workflow automatically adds all non-grocery purchases to location-specific inventories, from which their subsequent loss, transfer, replacement or write-off can easily be managed.  Click here to read about CampControl's Inventory Management capabilities.

CampControl Tradeshows

CampControl will be on display at the following tradeshows in 2009:
  • AMEBC Mineral Exploration RoundUp
    Vancouver:  26 - 29 January, 2009 -  Booth B43 on 27, 28, 29 January.
  • Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention (PDAC)
    Toronto:  1 - 4 March, 2009  -  Booth 601

Toll-Free Phone Support in North America

For toll-free phone support in North America, please call us on 1 866 813-0631.
Our offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Pacific Standard Time, although support staff are often available before and after those hours.  If you miss us in the office, please leave us a message.

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