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April 2009 Newsletter
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Managing Tasks in CampControl  -  Automated Progress Tracking

  • The New Tasks Module
  • Better than Email!
  • Tasks Best Practices
  • Tasks BP: Assignees
  • Tasks BP: Priorities & Dates
  • Tasks BP: Progress Tracking

  • List of CampControl Modules
  • Toll-Free Phone Support

Test Drive CampControl for Free, x 2!

There are two free ways to see how CampControl will save your 'receding' exploration dollars and improve your team's efficiency:

(1)  Click around inside our Exploration Manager Demo Account - fun to do because it's full of real exploration data.
(2)  Create a 14-day Free Trial account, configure it to the locations you operate in and the users who will use it, and customise it to your company's existing accounting standards. [Contact us if you need free assistance with this setup stage.]

Introduction to the New Tasks Module

"We should be using the same Internet tools in minerals exploration that other disciplines are using to collaborate over long distances"  Clinton Smyth, P. Geo. & Software Developer, 2008
The CampControl Tasks Module does just that - it provides a secure, communally and globally accessible spot to record all tasks which need to be done, by whom and by when, and then automatically informs the task creator or assignee of any changes to the task, including when it's marked as completed.

The Tasks Module respects the organisation's staff hierarchy - senior staff can assign tasks to junior staff, and see all junior staffs' tasks, but not vice versa. If your company is "non-hierarchical", then this configuration can be changed.

Task displays can be sorted by different columns, such as Priority, or Required Completion Date, and can be filtered to show only incomplete tasks, only complete tasks, or both.

Centralised Task Management is Better than Email

Advantages to assigning tasks to co-workers in CampControl, rather than by sending them in an email:

• Tasks don't disappear until
   marked as complete - and
   CampControl records who
   marked it as complete.

•  Useful Task Lists can be
    printed, showing Dates
    Recorded and Completed

•  CampControl sends an
    email to the assignee with
    the task description details.
"Please get the attached map redrafted for Jim." 

You can view this example, and see how the map is attached to the task, in the Exploration Manager Demonstration Account on the CampControl Home Page. Click on the "Tasks" button to see all tasks. (Note that this task is not visible from the Exploration Manager's home page Dashboard as it shows only his own tasks, and this one is for another party).

Managing Tasks on a Centralised Database is better than managing them by email because the database keeps them separate from email "noise", provides invaluable task query and reporting tools, as well as automated alerts.

Remember:  CampControl works in English, Spanish or French.

Best Practice Tips when working with Tasks

CampControl makes it easy to implement best practices in exploration because best practices  are built in to the CampControl workflow.  Previous newsletters have provided best-practice tips on Drill Progress Logs, Core Photographs, and many other topics.  This month we focus on Task Management in CampControl.
  • Task Assignees
    When assigning a task, think carefully about who you assign it to.  Remember that, if you have configured your staff "hierarchically" in CampControl, "lower level" staff will not see a task assigned to a "higher level" CampControl user.
  • Task Priorities, Dates and Progress Tracking
    CampControl allows you set Task Priorities (Low, Medium, High), Completion Dates, and Reminder Dates.  It is often very useful to sort a long list of incomplete tasks on Priority or Completion Date when deciding which task to tackle next.  Essential tasks, such as option payments and permit renewals, will merit priorities which change with the passage of time.  A task recording a permit renewal submission due three months into the future would likely start with a low priority, change to medium priority a month before the due date, and then be given a high priority if it is not completed a week before the due date.  Choose an appropriate Reminder Date to assist yourself and the task assignee in managing this progression of priorities.  CampControl will send out reminder emails on the Reminder Date.  Also, if the priority level, or any other aspect, of a task is manually altered by any user, both the task creator and assignee will be sent email notifications of the change.

List of CampControl Modules

For first-time readers of our newsletter, here is a summary list of modules provided by CampControl:

Work Logs Tasks Inventory Control Sample Custody
Drill Progress Logs Calendar General Orders Control Photo Management
Vehicle Logs Helicopter Logs Travel Orders Control Document Management

Toll-Free Phone Support in North America

For toll-free phone support in North America, please call us on 1 866 813-0631.
Our offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Pacific Standard Time, although support staff are often available before and after those hours.  If you miss us in the office, please leave us a message.

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