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March 2010 Newsletter
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This issue: Create your own Custom Logs (tables) in CampControl

  • Introducing Custom Logs
  • Standard Functionality
  • Email and Excel
  • Data Management Best Practices
  • List of CampControl Modules
  • Test Drive CampControl
  • Toll-Free Phone Support
Problems "Managing by Spreadsheet"?

A CampControl Custom Log is like an always available, shared spreadsheet that never gets lost or out of date.

Introducing Custom Logs

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new level of flexibility with the introduction of Custom Logs in CampControl. Along with our standard logs for recording and sharing information, you can now create your own logs, enabling you to record and share any information that is important to your operation. This can be used in tandem with the (beta) Custom Reports module for formatting and reporting your data. Access to Custom Log data is strictly controlled by CampControl's flexible "Permissions" sub-system, which controls which users see what data.

A custom log standardises the data format that everyone uses which simplifies the use and interpretation of the information, and enhances its quality and value.

Example Logs set up by current users of CampControl are: Game Sightings, Safety Meetings, Fuel Dump Levels, Catering Records, Generator Servicing, etc - basically anything that is best tracked by recording it in writing.

When creating a log, you follow a step by step process, specifying:

  • The name of the log
  • Each column in the log
  • What type of data is in each column (e.g. date, text, number, Program Code, etc)
  • Who has access to the information
  • Who can update the information
Each new Custom Log you create is instantly available for use by the users to whom you've given access. Click here to view an example.

Standard Functionality

Once created, you have access to the standard functionality of all the pre-configured logs in CampControl, such as:
  • Sort data (on multiple columns)
  • Filter data
  • Add / Edit / Delete rows
  • Upload data in an Excel file  (Makes conversion from old Excel-based systems easy)
  • Download to Excel
  • Download to PDF

What's wrong with emailing spreadsheets?

Many operations rely on sending spreadsheets around via email.  There are a number of pitfalls to this approach:
  • Email takes time to keep organised
  • Email can get lost
  • You can never be sure you're working on the latest version of the spreadsheet
  • Searching through email to find last season's information is time consuming
  • You lose control over who has access to this information
  • Over time, people create their own spreadsheets making it difficult to collate data
  • Email & spreadsheets are usually stored on employee's hard-drives which may not be regularly backed up and puts you at risk of losing information
You can think of custom logs as an always available, shared spreadsheet that never gets lost or out of date. Your valuable data is protected by our daily backups.

Best Practice Tips when managing data

For the most part, the objective of data management is to standardise and re-use accurate data, focusing on collecting data that will clearly be useful in the future.  Best practices of data management involve protocols that do not cause aggravation to the creators and ultimate users of the data.

CampControl makes it easy to implement best practices in exploration because best practices are built in to the CampControl workflow.

Ensure the objective of the data to be collected is clear
If people don't know why they're collecting data, they won't be motivated to do it and they'll miss the point of it, either giving too much or too little information.

Re-use should always be kept in mind

Value is significantly added to data collected if it can be re-used.  The same data can be used for keeping management up-to-date with the operations on the ground, providing accountants with the information to do their jobs, and planning for the next season.

Quality Controls
Data containing errors, or data obtained from disparate sources in different formats significantly reduces the usability of the data. CampControl provides validation mechanisms on data entry to help keep data clean.

List of CampControl Modules

For first-time readers of our newsletter, here is a summary list of modules provided by CampControl:
Work Logs Tasks Inventory Control Sample Custody
Drill Progress Logs Calendar General Orders Control Photo Management
Vehicle Logs Helicopter Logs Travel Orders Control Document Management
Custom Logs Custom Reports Air Charter Control Standard Reports

Test Drive CampControl

There are two quick ways to try out CampControl and see how it can improve your efficiency:
(1)  Click around inside our Exploration Manager Demo Account - fun to do because it's full of real exploration data (see top left of our Home Page);
(2)  Create a 14-day Free Trial account, configure it to the locations you operate in and the users who will use it, and customise it to your company's existing accounting standards. [Contact us if you need free assistance with this setup stage.]

Toll-Free Phone Support in North America

For toll-free phone support in North America, please call us on 1 866 813-0631.
Our offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Pacific Standard Time, although support staff are often available before and after those hours.  If you miss us in the office, please leave us a message.

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