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January 2012 Newsletter
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This issue: Staff Scheduling

  • CampControl Staff Scheduling
  • How it works
  • List of CampControl Modules
  • Test Drive CampControl


Problems keeping up-to-date?

CampControl puts all your staff scheduling and record keeping online  ...

... making it easy to keep current from
    anywhere in the world.

CampControl Staff Scheduling

Scheduling staff is a tricky business and can quickly rack up costs if done inefficiently.  It's a balancing act based on many interacting parts - employees, contractors, weather and project interruptions, some of which are outside of your organisation and largely beyond your control.

Planning a schedule involves:

  • Deciding which staff you need on site at which times, ensuring the skills base is covered for the required tasks.
  • Getting people in and out while working around their personal requirements.
  • Meal planning.
  • Contingency scheduling in response to emergencies and/or delays.

Due to the dynamic nature of mineral exploration, scheduling staff is constantly changing and keeping all those who are involved up-to-date is both complex and time-consuming.  Very often companies plan their schedules in Excel spreadsheets and email them to the team.  As changes are made, more email is sent out.  Whenever someone refers to the schedule (be it manager or field worker), it's often in doubt that the copy they have is the most up-to-date.


How it works

CampControl addresses the complexities of staff scheduling in the following ways:

  • Staff can, if appropriate, enter their own schedules.
  • Being online, everyone in the team can be sure they are working with the latest and most up-to-date version of the schedule.
  • Data entry is very easy either by entering date ranges or duration in days for each activity.  Entering a date range results in an instant calculation of the duration in days or on the flip side, enter a start date and the durations of the subsequent activities and leave CampControl to calculate the dates.
  • The schedules can be viewed in graphical form showing each team member and the activities they scheduled for, side by side.
  • Conflicts in schedules are highlighted and CampControl shows exactly which schedule entries are clashing to enable resolution.
  • CampControl has the user information and the user permissions already set up, so there's no need to keep a second system synchronised just to facilitate scheduling.

See Staff Schedules for examples of the scheduling graphical output.

Combining scheduling with the other features in CampControl such as timesheets, drill progress logs, helicopter logs, vehicle logs and flight and hotel records results in a very power management tool.  All your management data is in one place and instantly available.

Consequently, reporting and payroll become that much easier with a fully integrated system.

List of CampControl Modules

For first-time readers of our newsletter, here is a summary list of modules provided by CampControl:
Work Logs Tasks Inventory Control Sample Custody
Drill Progress Logs Calendar General Orders Control Photo Management
Vehicle Logs Helicopter Logs Travel Orders Control Document Management
Custom Logs Custom Reports Staff Scheduling Standard Reports

Test Drive CampControl

There are two quick ways to try out CampControl and see how it can improve your efficiency:
(1)  Click around inside our Exploration Manager Demo Account - fun to do because it's full of real exploration data (see top left of our Home Page);
(2)  Create a 14-day Free Trial account, configure it to the locations you operate in and the users who will use it, and customise it to your company's existing accounting standards. [Contact us if you need free assistance with this trial setup stage.]

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