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February 2012 Newsletter
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This issue: Cost Tracking & Suppliers

  • CampControl Cost Tracking
  • How it works
  • List of CampControl Modules
  • Test Drive CampControl


Problems keeping up-to-date?

CampControl puts all your purchasing controls and record keeping online  ...

... making it easy to keep current from
    anywhere in the world.

CampControl Cost Tracking & Suppliers

You've hired good people, delegated responsibility and now they must get on with the job.  However, one complaint you're often hearing is the amount of time they spend doing admin!  While your geo's and drillers are out in the field, back at the office you're on the hook for the bills:

  • What invoices do we still need to pay?
  • What have we bought that we don't yet have an invoice for?
  • Are the invoices that we're paying correct?
  • Who approved the purchasing?

CFO's need to ensure that these questions can be answered while keeping costs under control and the admin burden on field staff as light as possible.

A major problem with keeping costs under control is the delay between what's been purchased and what is recorded in the accounting system This delay can be as long as 2 or 3 months, depending on how well organised both your suppliers and accountants are or merely as a result of invoicing cycles.

A typical exploration program has many people purchasing items (Geo's and camp support staff) and many people paying for items (accountants and pay clerks), where these groups are often not in the same place.  Without a system in place, keeping track of this can prove very costly.

We've extended the Cost Controls in CampControl and added Cost Tracking, Suppliers, and formal Purchase Orders, so now you'll be in a better position to answer these questions:

  • How much money have we spent this month on each project?
  • How much do we have in unpaid invoices?
  • How much have we paid Supplier X?
  • Our office in Mongolia is spending in local currency - what did they spend last month in US dollars?

Being online, this information is available from anywhere that has an internet connection - whether you're at an airport between flights, a coffee shop, your office or your accountant's office.  At any time in the season you can print out a report that is completely up-to-date, detailing your expenses.

Authorisation and payment responsibilities can easily be delegated to the right staff for efficient operation of the company with minimal emailing and telephone communication.

In short, CampControl enables your good people to be even better!

How it works

CampControl enables the following purchase-pay workflow:
  • A CampControl user enters a purchase order (or purchase request) and includes the estimated cost of the item(s) being purchased.  Foreign currencies are automatically converted to a common currency, configured in your account, thus making it suitable for reporting.
  • A manager authorises the purchase request, checking the cost as well as ensuring the purchase is coded to the correct project(s) and cost code(s)  (authorisation is optional or mandatory, depending on the configuration of the CampControl account)
  • You (or a subordinate) print out the Purchase Order or email it directly to the supplier.
  • The items are purchased and sent to camp.
  • A manager prints off a report showing what has been spent as well as what is still payable.
  • Some time later (perhaps 2 or 3 months) the invoice arrives, a manager checks it against the records in CampControl with what was actually delivered and authorises it for payment if it is acceptable.
  • The accounting staff pay the invoice and mark it as "Paid" on CampControl.
Note that the estimated cost is entered at the time a request-to-purchase is made and is built into the workflow, ensuring that both paid and unpaid orders are tracked and always up-to-date.  With this kind of cost control, you are in a good position to avoid expenditure overruns.

As Company Manager you maintain oversight of the purchasing process with access to all the information you need for responsible management, while at the same time keeping your involvement to a minimum and allowing your staff to work efficiently.

With the CampControl Cost Control workflow, budgeting for the following year is far easier as historical purchasing records are readily at hand for cost-estimation purposes.

List of CampControl Modules

For first-time readers of our newsletter, here is a summary list of modules provided by CampControl:
Work Logs Staff Schedules Inventory Control Sample Custody
Drill Progress Logs Calendar General Orders Control Photo Management
Vehicle Logs Helicopter Logs Travel Orders Control Document Management
Custom Logs Tasks Air Charter Control Standard Reports

Test Drive CampControl

There are two quick ways to try out CampControl and see how it can improve your efficiency:
(1)  Click around inside our Exploration Manager Demo Account - interesting to do because it's full of real exploration data (see top left of our Home Page);
(2)  Create a 14-day Free Trial account, configure it to the locations you operate in and the users who will use it, and customise it to your company's existing accounting standards. [Contact us if you need free assistance with this trial setup stage.]

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