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Manage Location Inventory

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Getting here: Admin -> Manage Locations, click the relevant “Manage Inventory” icon.

This screen lists all the items in the Location Inventory. Uncheck “Show Current Inventory Only” to additionally view old items that have been consumed, lost, etc.

Note: You can sort each column by clicking on the column heading.

To work with a subset of the Inventory, filter the Location Inventory using the Date range and/or selecting a Financial Category and/or Assigned-To value.

Over time items are consumed, lost, discarded, damaged or forwarded. You can update the status of the items in the Location Inventory. This screen allows the user to account for items. Items that are not used/lost, etc, are reported on the Location Inventory report. See Reports. To modify the Location Inventory:

  • Assign the Status as appropriate
  • Update the Notes
  • Click “Save”

IMPORTANT: Updating the item's status to 'Forwarded' is a quick way to show that the item has been sent on from a particular Location.  CampControl does not add or delete items from the inventory but merely updates the status.  This is appropriate if you are sending the item to a location that is external to CampControl (i.e. the location is not configured in “Manage Locations”) and do not wish to track inventory at the new location.  If you are fowarding the item to a location configured in CampControl, use the Transfer Inventory option instead.

To add a new item to the Location Inventory, click the “Add new item” button at the top left.

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