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Accurately Describing Containers and Packaging

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The following are recommended descriptors / guidelines for describing on CampControl Freight Control Sheets 
the containers within which and holders upon which  items are shipped:

A carton or ctn. is made of cardboard.

A box or bx. is solid sides made of wood, or plastic, etc. - state which.

A package is something wrapped in paper.

A tube is self explanatory.

An envelope is self explanatory, although it is best to state what type: 
letter size, manilla, padded, white, blue, etc.

A roll of something is generally a piece cut from a larger piece and rolled, such as in hose or wire, but it can also be an intact roll from a factory purchase.

A reel of wire, or rope, or cable etc. - state what sort of reel - wooden, plastic or metal, etc.

A bundle or bdl. is described using the following formats:
                           (a) 1 bdl: 2 shovels and
3 rakes  
                           (b) 2 bdls: 10 ctns of fans each.  <- use this if the items are the
same in each carton.

A crate or crt. is slatted and can be open or closed.

A pallet or pllt. is used when one or many items are attached to it - state how many and brief description if necessary and format it the same way as a bundle, for example
                            (a) 1 pallet: 10 ctns. of milk
                            (b) 1 pallet: 2 ctns and 3 metal reels of rope.


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