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Activity Diagrams

CampControl's goal is to make complex tasks easy to manage.

This cannot be done without first recognising the full complexity of every task, and then ensuring that there is no loss in power or flexibility when making the task simple.

Tasks like time-sheet completion, and the entry of drill progress logs are very simple and require little analysis.

Tasks like "Order Managment" are more complicated.  The Acitivty Diagrams presented in this section show that we at CampControl looked very deeply into the more complex tasks we manage for you before we made them simple.

Consequently we believe that CampControl, while keeping things simple, can cater for your more sublte needs in exploration management.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

Thank you.

When teaching someone new how to use the more powerful aspects of CampControl such as Order Management, or Sample Custody, we find it helpful to present them with printed versions of the Activity Diagram for the module of their interest.  If they keep these on their desks while they are learning the system, they will learn it in no time at all.

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