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Laboratory Email Processing

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CampControl is able to process email messages sent from the Laboratory.  This is a natural next step to the sample custody processing that is done on the data entered into the CampControl Samples screen.

For CampControl to process an email you must:
  • Request us, by sending an email to [email protected] to configure your account for receiving email messages.  We will supply you an email address of the form <yourcompanyname>[email protected] where <yourcompanyname> uniquely identifies your company.  
  • Notify the laboratory to add the above email address to their distribution list for your samples. 

In order for CampControl to associate the email with the correct sample, the laboratory email must contain either
  • the Sample Batch number that you enter into CampControl or
  • the first Sample number of the batch
If possible, ensure this information is in the Subject line of the email.

Once configured, all attachments contained by email messages associated with a particular sample are stored in the Sample details screen in CampControl and are downloadable by users that have access to this screen.  See Sample Shipment for more details.

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