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January 2009 Newsletter
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CampControl and Exploration Drilling ...

  • Accountability
  • Labour Cost Control
  • Drill Progress Logs
  • Core Log Communication
  • Core Photos
  • RoundUp, Vancouver, 2009
  • PDAC, Toronto, 2009
  • Toll-Free Phone Support

Upload Core Logs and Core Photos

Sharing drill logs and core photos between interested parties is a constant challenge to exploration teams.  CampControl's Document Manager & Photo Gallery provide convenient, secure, and easy-to-access storage for borehole logs and core photos.   View examples in the Exploration Manager Demonstration Account on the CampControl Home Page

A Quick Word on Accountability

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox stated in 2007: "Sarbanes-Oxley helped restore trust in U.S. markets by increasing accountability, speeding up reporting, and making audits more independent."
CampControl is a Web Service which enhances accountability and streamlines communication, record-keeping and report generation for all parties in an Exploration Team.

High levels of accountability and streamlined communication are the goals of all well-run companies, but they are difficult to achieve when large distances separate head offices and field activities.

CampControl makes it so much easier to achieve these goals. 

As for "independent audits" - this we leave to company management to arrange.  CampControl plays its part by ensuring that there are good, easily-accessible records to audit.

Controlling Labour Costs with CampControl

CampControl's Worklogs are flexible timesheets which can be configured to any project codes and activity codes.  For auditibility reasons, once worklogs have been "approved" by a supervisor, they may not be changed by the worker without the permission of the supervisor. Labour is one of the higher cost elements of minerals exploration. 
People are expensive.  Ensuring that all levels of workers record what work they have done for their employer or their client serves two important purposes:  (1) It motivates the worker to be productive - because written worklogs/timesheets make it easier to see when they are not productive. (2) It facilitates accurate planning of human resource needs - allowing the planning to be based on sound productivity records.

Exploration Best Practice Tips

CampControl makes it easy to implement best practices in exploration.  They are built in to the CampControl workflow, as shown in the useful tips below:
  • Drill Progress Logs
    When the drills start turning, management need to be kept abreast of progress made. Drill Progress Logs record that progress and communicate it efficiently to those who make the decisions, no matter where in the world they may be. Click here to see an example of a CampControl Drill Progress Log.  (The "Core Log Communication" section below explains how CampControl looks after detailed core logs.)
  • Core Log Communication
    CampControl's sophisticated Document Manager provides a secure, convenient and easy-to-access location to store borehole core logs, where they can be made visible only to those who need to see them. Click here to see a screenshot of the the Document Manager.  To experiment with the Document Manager, and to see examples of stored exploration documents, click on the "Exploration Company Manager" demonstration accessible from the CampControl home page.
  • Core Photos Communication
    Photographs of drill core provide invaluable geological documentation.  CampControl's Photo Gallery provides an efficient means of sharing these photos amongst members of an exploration team - with access to the photos controlled by the configurable permissions of the CampControl system. Click here to see a screenshot of the Photo Gallery module.  To view examples of core photos in CampControl, click on the "Exploration Company Manager" demonstration accessible from the CampControl home page and follow these steps:
    (1) Click "Photographs" in the menu on the left;  (2) Click "Photo Gallery";  (3) Click on the "Drake Exploration Inc" thumbnail;  (4) Click on the "British Columbia" thumbnail;  (5) Click on the "Borehole 8" thumbnail; (6) Click on any of the core photo thumbnails, or use the "Slideshow" facility to view all the core photos in a self-advancing slideshow.

CampControl Tradeshows

CampControl will be at the following tradeshows this year:
  • AMEBC Mineral Exploration RoundUp
    Vancouver:  26 - 29 January, 2009 -  Booth B43 on 27, 28, 29 January.
  • Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention (PDAC)
    Toronto:  1 - 4 March, 2009  -  Booth 601

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Toll-Free Phone Support in North America

For toll-free phone support in North America, please call us on 1 866 813-0631.
Our offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Pacific Standard Time, although support staff are often available before and after those hours.  If you miss us in the office, please leave us a message.

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