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Assigned Order

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Getting here: Assigned Orders -> click “Order#”

This screen enables you to view and update Orders that are assigned to you. You may add purchaser notes and mark items as bought or back-ordered.

Items remain assigned to you until they are either bought or put on back-order. CampControl creates a new order for back-ordered items using the original order number with a “Bx” appended where “x” represents the number of back-orders related to the original order (i.e. B1 is the 1st back order, B2 is the 2nd, etc). Back-orders are placed back on the “Orders In Progress” screen to be assigned by the Expediting Manager – see Orders in Progress.

If you have a Travel Order (Flight, Hotel or Charter Request) assigned to you, click on the Description to add the travel details to CampControl. When processing a Charter Request, click on the “Convert to Charter” to convert the Charter Request (made by a Company user) to a Charter Order.

Click on the “Email the Order” or “Print this order” to email or print the order.

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