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Authorising Orders

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When and order is placed in CampControl, the person placing the order may request authorisation of the order by a peer or "superior" by placing a tick in the

Figure 1:  Requesting an Authorisation

"Requires Approval" box, as illustrated above, and then selecting the party from whom the approval is required from the dropdown selector.  Authorisation requests may also be copied to other peers and "superiors".  [ "Superiors" are determined by CampControl User Level, where AccountManager > Company Manager > Region Manager > Camp Manager > Cook > Worker.]

If an authorisation has been requested, two actions will be taken by CampControl when the order is saved:

(1)  A note will be attached to the order recordiing that approval has been requested for the order (Figure 2 below).
(2)  An email will be sent to the chosen authorising party (and cc's) requesting authorisation of the order, together with a hyperlink to the page on which the authorisation may be entered (Figure 3 below).

Both the authorisation request note and the response to it (example in Figure 4 below) remain with the order indefinately, and appear on all pages and printed audit trails relating to the order.  They provide clear instructions to expediters that an authorisation has been requested, and if it has been given or rejected.  They make clear during possible contoversy at some future time who placed the order, and who authorised it.

Figure 2: Note attached to order recording request for approval:

Figure 3:  Email sent to chosen authorising party:

Figure 4: Granted authorisation attached alongside request for authorisation on order:

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