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When and order is placed in CampControl, the person placing the order may request authorisation of the order by a peer or "superior" by placing a tick in the

Figure 1: Requesting an Authorisation

"Requires Approval" box, as illustrated above, and then selecting the party from whom the approval is required from the dropdown selector. Authorisation requests may also be copied to other peers and "superiors". [ "Superiors" are determined by CampControl User Level, where AccountManager > Company Manager > Region Manager > Camp Manager > Cook > Worker.]

This functionality is fully explained in the Authorising Orders page.

To implement an effective Orders Authorisation system using CampControl:
(1) Issue a company directive declaring who is authorised to purchase/fulfill Orders, and who is required
to authorise them.
(2) Give the authorised purchaser/fulfiller the necessary permission on CampControl to fulfill Orders
(Note: Expediter and Office Administrator-level CampControl users enjoy this permission by default,
although it can be taken away from them);
(3) Instruct all staff who need to place Orders that their Orders must be entered into CampControl, and that
these Orders will not be fulfilled unless
(a) they activate the Request Authorisation subsection of the Order;
(b) the appropriate authority has authorised the Order using the CampControl Authorisation facility, which
automatically communicates the Authorisation Request to the indicated party, and lets both the "Order Placer"
and the "Order Fulfiller" know once the Order has been authorised (or denied authorisation).


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