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Accounting Codes

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Exploration expenditure can usefully be tracked in three dimensions:

  1. A Program or Project Code for each expense - typically signifying the program to which each expense belongs
  2. A Cost Code for each expense  -  typically used for categorising expenses in an accounting system's General Ledger
  3. An Activity Code for each expense  -  typically used by managers to track how much is spent on different activities, such as geological mapping, geophysical surveys, drilling, etc.

CampControl provides for tracking all Orders and Travel Requests with Program Codes, Cost Codes and Activity Codes, all of which are customiseable.  

Work, Drill, Helicopter and Vehicle logs are tracked with only Program and Activity Codes, as generally each of these falls under its own single Cost Code.

See the Default Accounting Codes page for the accounting codes provided in new CampControl accounts.

Customise CampControl to configure these codes to your company's requirements.

See Cost, Activity and Program Codes in the Exploration Best Practice section for further information on Accounting Codes and their use.


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