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CampControl's Document Manager provides a centralised location to store documents and other file types.  It is designed for the easy storage, organisation and sharing of important project documents. It sports a highly performant (ie very fast!) search facility.

A powerful benefit to this is the ability to allow people, both inside and outside the company, to exchange files - which is easier to use than systems like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Permissions may be set on each folder to the following, with respect to outside users:

  • No access (internal user access only).
  • Read only access
  • Read and update (which includes creating sub-folders)

Internal users - i.e. company users created on CampControl - can read and update all folders.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome or FireFox rather than Internet Explorer, as both of these allow you to upload multiple files at a time by dropping them in the applicable area of the screen. They also show a upload progress bar.

Internet Explorer does not support either of these features. 

Exchanging large files with outside users

If you wish for someone outside the company to send you a file that is too big for email, you create a folder (select a folder, click 'Action' -> 'Add subfolder') and set it's access such that outside users can 'read and update'. This is then accessible through a link, which is obtained by selecting the folder, clicking 'Action' -> 'Get Folder Links'. Copy and paste the update link into an email and send to the outside party. This folder may be re-used as necessary - with the link values remaining unchanged.

Folder structure

There is no system structure imposed on the the folders, leaving each company to freely create a folder structure to suit it's needs. Arbitrary folders may be created to any depth in each of these folders for the grouping together of related documents.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "Manage Documents"


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