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Manage Permissions

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CampControl has an extensive and flexible permissions management subsystem. The Account Manager (or delegated user) adds or removes functionality on a per user basis by adding or removing permissions for a particular User. The Account Manager may assign the “Manage Permissions” permission to other Users. Each user-level (e.g. Cook, Company Manager) has a set of permissions available to it of which some are enabled by default. When a User is created, the default set of permissions is assigned to that User according to the User’s user-level.  In most cases the default permissions are sufficient.

A User “UserA” with the “Manage Permissions” permission can update another User’s permissions. The level of the users that “UserA” can update is determined by the following 3 permissions:

  1. Manage Company Users
  2. Manage Region Users
  3. Manage Location Users

This means that “UserA” can update the permissions of all the users in the Region “UserA” is designated to, if “UserA” has both “Manage Permissions” and “Manage Region Users”.

Some permissions are dependant on other permissions.  That is, in some cases, to assign a particular permission to a user, the user also needs the dependant permission.  For example, to have the “View Region Worksheets” permission you need the “View Location Worksheets” permission.  Should you attempt to enable a permission that has dependant permissions, CampControl will prompt you (and give you a chance to cancel) before it automatically adds them.

Updating permissions

To update a permission:

  • Click on “Admin” -> “Manage Users”
  • Select the user
  • Click the “Manage Permissions” button
  • Check the required permission(s)
  • Click “Save”

Note:  The new permissions take effect the next time the user logs in.

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