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Manage Users

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On account creation, the sole user that exists is the Account Manager. The Account Manager is the “super user” of the account and may perform any function on the system. The Account Manager can create any number of Users at any of the following user-levels:

  • Company Manager
  • Region Manager
  • Location Manager
  • Cook
  • Worker
  • Expediting Manager
  • Expediter

To modify Users, click on the appropriate User’s name.

To add a new User, click the “New User” button.

To delete a User, click on the “Delete” icon.  Note that deleting a User does not remove the data from the database. CampControl merely marks it as deleted. All data is still available for querying but not updating. CampControl will physically delete this data after 6 years.

It is also possible to set Spending Limits for each user. See Spending Limits for details.

Should a User stop using CampControl for a length of time, he/she can be suspended. While suspended, the User is denied access to CampControl. The Account Manager (or user with “Manage Users” permissions) can reactivate the User at any time.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "Manage Subordinate Users".  Note that you must share at least one Location.
To add/update users on the same level as you:  "Manage Peer Users".  Note, as above, you must share at least one Location.

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