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Manage Suppliers

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Suppliers are - as you would think - people or stores that supply services or goods to your operation.  Each supplier can be limited to a region or a location/camp.  This means that when creating an order, only applicable suppliers are shown for selection.

The supplier information is used in CampControl:
  • to assign an order to a supplier,
  • in the printing and/or emailing of purchase orders.
Supplier visibility
The visibility of the suppliers depends on both the designations of the user and the suppliers.  The permissions work as follows:

When creating an order, the suppliers that are available for selection depend on the supplier's designation.  i.e. if a supplier is designated to the same location for which the order is being made, it'll be in the list of available suppliers.  If the supplier is designated to a region or the whole company, as long as the order's location falls under them, the supplier can be selected.

When updating the suppliers in the Manage Supplier's screen, the visibility of the suppliers depends on the both the designation of the supplier and that of the user.  The user's designation must be above (more encompassing) than the supplier's for the user to be able to edit the supplier's information.  

For example, a user that is designated to one location only can not edit a supplier's information that is designated to the region or company.  If the user has the appropriate permissions, he/she can add suppliers for the location he/she can see.  In contrast, a user that is designated to the whole company can edit any supplier.

You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

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