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Manage Regions

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A Region is a geographical area that contains one or more Locations. These are normally provinces or countries.  CampControl uses Regions to group Locations for reporting and assignment of user permissions.


Suppose a company has 3 camps, where 2 are in British Columbia, Canada and the remaining one in Arizona, USA. They'd create 2 regions:
  1. British Columbia, Canada
  2. Arizona, USA
 They'd then create the 3 camps in the Locations screen (see Manage Locations)

The “Manage Regions” screen enables the user to create, modify or delete Regions in their CampControl account. These details include Region name and description.


Tax information is added on the Region level.  Each region can have up to 3 tax codes, the details of which are used when entering invoice information  (see Invoices).  Taxes have the following details:

  • Tax Code - the name of the tax, e.g. "GST", "VAT", etc.
  • Tax Rate - the rate of the tax expressed as a percentage, e.g. 5, 14, etc.
  • Groups - Grouping taxes enables those listed in this screen to used in combination or separately.  If you plan to export invoices captured in CampControl to your accounting system, ensure that these codes correspond to those used in your accounting system.  The value entered here is a comma delimited list of short codes.  You may have 2 taxes in your region (e.g. GST and PST).  Either can be applied separately or both can be applied.  You can assign the following short codes for each scenario:
    • G = GST only
    • P = PST only
    • S = GST + PST
  • To enter this, you'd add 2 lines:
    • Tax Code: "GST", Groups: "G,S"
    • Tax Code: "PST", Groups: "P,S"
  • Refundable - check this if the tax is refundable by the government (this must also correspond to how the tax is configured in your accounting system). e.g. GST is refundable in Canada.

To add a new Region:

  • Click on the “New Region” button
  • Enter the appropriate details
  • Click “Save”

To modify a Region:

  • Click on the Region name
  • Update the appropriate details
  • Click “Save”

To delete a Region, click on the delete icon of the Region you want to delete. As this action will permanently delete all data pertaining to the deleted Region, be sure to have downloaded or printed any records for the Region which need to be stored long term.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "Manage Regions"

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