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The invoices page lists a summary of the invoice information that is captured in your CampControl account.  These details can be exported to your accounting system*.

Invoices are generated as a result of the fulfillment of an order.  By default, the screen shows all orders, whether they have invoice details added or not.  If you wish to see the invoice details broken out by accounting codes, click the 'Display Program and Cost Codes' option.

Below is an example of the invoice summary with the Program and Cost Codes option selected.  The invoice, if uploaded, is downloadable by clicking on the filename in the 'Invoice' column'.

Note that the tax codes and their values are set in the Region administration section.  See: Manage Regions

For orders that don't have invoices, you can add the details either by going to the order details or by clicking on the 'Add invoice' link for that order entering the details. See Adding Invoices.

* Please contact us to see if your accounting system is supported.

You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen: "Manage Invoices"

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