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All Items

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This screen displays all the items that have been bought using your CampControl account.

Use the date range to filter items according to Order Date.

To see the Accounting fields (Programs, Activity Codes and Cost Code) check the “Show accounting fields” option.

Use the keyword feature to search for a particular item. Note that you may type in parts of a word or a few letters to match on. Click “Go” to start the search.

Click on a column heading to sort according to that column.

Items have 3 statuses:

  • Submitted – submitted to the Expediter
  • Assigned – assigned to a Purchaser
  • Processed – bought by the Purchaser

Click on the Item to view details for that item.

Click on the Order# to view the order details. Note that if the Order Status is “Submitted”, clicking on this link takes you to the AssignOrders page, otherwise you are taken to Order details page.

Click on the “Save as CSV” button to save the item list to a CSV (Comma Separated Variable-length) file which can be read directly by Excel.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "View Orders"

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