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New Commissary Order

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This screen allows you to enter a new Commissary Order (see General Orders or Travel Orders for other types of orders). Use this screen to enter the details of the order for yourself or on behalf of someone else (see the required permissions below).

The order details are the quantity, units and description of items you want to buy. Note that Commissary Orders are for personal/private items and these items are only disclosed to the Expediter.

Click on the “Add More Lines” button to enter more than the default 5 items.

Enter the Date Required, Bill To, Suggested Shipping instructions and any Notes. Ensure you follow any billing instructions that appear for the Bill To option you select.

Check the “Keep draft copy on Submit” if you want to keep a copy of the order in draft when you submit the order. This is useful for recurring orders, saving you having to type the order repeatedly. You simply click on the draft order the next time, make any adjustments and submit it.

The three buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to:

  • “Save Draft” to continue creating the order at a later stage,
  • “Submit Order” to send it to the Expediters or
  • “Cancel” to ignore any changes and return you back to the “Draft Orders” screen.


  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "View Commissary Order"
To enter orders on behalf of other users:  "Create Orders On Behalf Of"

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