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Designate User

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Getting here: Admin -> Manage Users -> click User name -> click "Add Designation".

In CampControl, you can designate a User to a geographical region that's applicable to them. You can designate them to the whole company or a specific region or location. It is recommended to designate users to only the area that apply to them and no more. This makes the system simpler to use for the User and reduces the probability of mistakes.

A User can be designated to:

  • one or more Locations
  • one or more Regions
  • one or more Companies (only available to Expediting Companies)
  • all Companies (only available to Expediting Companies)

For example, you may have a cook who works in two locations. The Account Manager designates the cook to both of the Locations so that he/she can order groceries for either Location – but does not have access to order for other Locations.

To designate a User to a Location:

  • Click the “Add Designation” button
  • Select a Region or Location and click the “Designate” button
  • Repeat for other Regions or Locations as appropriate

User designation is mandatory on User creation and may be modified at any time.

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