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Freight Control

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CampControl defines freight as "goods carried by a large vehicle" (definition from www.onelook.com, a very useful online dictionary).

Every year exploration companies lose thousands of dollars worth of goods because of poor documentation of the despatch and receipt of freight.  Without good documentation of despatched and received items,  people at the receiving end don't know what was sent and people at the despatching end have no way of knowing what was, and was not, received.

The CampControl "Freight Control" modules address all these problems, and solve them if they are used correctly.  These modules cover:

Aspects of the Freight Control modules are also used for the following purposes, which usually involve the shipping of items:

  • Transfering Inventory Items from one Location to another (See Transfer Inventory)
  • Sending, Receiving, and Forwarding, if appropriate, consignments of samples en route to a laboratory for analysis  (See Samples)

Activity / Workflow Diagrams are available which highlight in yellow the freighting aspects of Order Processing, Inventory Management and Sample Custody, as shown below (click images for enlargements), and in the Appendices of this Help documentation.


 Order Processing

 Inventory Management

 Sample Custody

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions) to access the Freight modules:

To ship supplies to a camp (ie: create an FCS):   "Update Freight Control"
To record supplies or inventory transfers as received at a camp: "Receive Location Freight"
To print shipping labels: "Create Shipping Labels"
To initiate transfer of inventory items from one location to another: "Send InterLocation Transfer"
To be able to view items in Expediter's warehouse awaiting shipment: "View Warehouse Control"

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