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This configurable screen displays a summary of activity in your CampControl account important to you - your CampControl DashBoard.  Take some time to go through each summary table, moving the data that's important to you to the top.

You can view:

  • A three month summary calendar
  • The latest orders
  • Freight in transit
  • Freight recently received
  • Tasks
  • Exploration/Expediter worklogs
  • Latest Helicopter logs
  • Samples
  • etc

To change both what and where information is displayed, click on the "Customise this page" link.

To search for any word or phrase in CampControl enter the phrase into the search box at the top of the screen and press <ENTER>.

To add a new Task, click on the "New Task" button.

Use the menu on the left to navigate the CampControl system.

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