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Designate Employee

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Getting here: Admin -> Manage Employees -> click Employee name -> click "Add Designation".

Note: Expediter version only.

An Employee can be designated to:

  • One or more Locations
  • One or more Regions
  • One or more Companies
  • All Companies

For example, you may have an Expediter who works at two Locations. The Account Manager designates the Expediter to both of the Locations so that he/she can fulfill orders for either Location – but does not have access to other Locations.

To designate an Employee to a Location:

  • Click the “Add Designation” button
  • Select a Company, Region or Location and click the “Designate” button
  • Repeat for other Companies, Regions or Locations as appropriate

Employee designation is mandatory on Employee creation and may be modified at any time.

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