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Manage Employees

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Getting here: Admin -> Manage Employees

Note: Expediter version only.

Employees are Users that work for the Expediting Company. An Employee is managed in the same manner as Users are managed. The Account Manager can create any number of Employees at any of the following user-levels:

  • Expediting Manager
  • Expediter

To create, modify and delete Employees, click on Admin -> Manage Employees and click on the appropriate Employee’s name.

To add a new Employee, click the “New Employee” button.

Should an Employee no longer use CampControl or stop using CampControl for a length of time, an Employee can be suspended. While suspended, the Employee is denied access to CampControl. The Account Manager (or user with “Manage Employees” permissions – see Manage Permissions) can reactivate the Employee at any time.

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