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Manage Stockpiles

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This screen enables you to track field inventory.

Field inventory tracking is used to track inventory items that are dropped in the field stockpiles. e.g. Diesel barrels, Propane bottles, etc. Each inventory item has a number of Drop Points (places where the item is stored/left) and a number of Suppliers. Inventory items can be:

  • Added to a Drop Point,
  • Removed from a Drop Point, or
  • Moved from one Drop Point to another

Perform the following steps to setup an inventory item:

  1. Click on “Manage Inventory Items” to add an Inventory item (eg. Helicopter fuel drums)
  2. Click on “Manage Drop Points” to add, edit or remove Drop Points.
  3. Click on “Manage Suppliers” to add, edit or remove suppliers of this inventory item

Click “View <item> Summary” to view a summary of the whereabouts of the inventory items. The screen is in a grid format, displaying the number of items from a particular Supplier at a particular Drop Point. Click on a number on the grid to update it. Use the resulting screen to add, move or remove items from that Drop Point/Supplier combination.

Should you wish to store status details on the inventory item (e.g. you want to know the number of full, partially full or empty drums), create a new drop point for each state as in the following example:

  • Drums (full)
  • Drums (partial)
  • Drums (empty)

You may then move items from one to the other to reflect the state of the item.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "View Utilities"

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