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Drill Logs

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Use this screen to record the drill progress for a program in your operation.

   You can enter one log entry at a time or upload an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of entries. To upload an Excel spreadsheet, ensure a location is selected and click on the "Upload an Excel File" button.  See Uploading Tables for more details.

Drilling Log entries are added on a per location basis. To add an entry,
1. Select the Location from the list at the top.

2. Click “Add new entry”.

3. Enter the details of the drill progress. The details are the Borehole ID, Shift, Hours, Distance (from and to), Programs (see Customise CampControl to edit this list). 

  Note that you do not enter distance units (e.g. metres, feet). This should be decided beforehand and be the same for each entry.

 4. Click “Insert” to insert the new entry.

   See Working with Tables to become familiar with the useful functionality provided in CampControl tables.


  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "View Drill Logs"


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