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Edit a Flight Booking

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Use this screen to edit/add the flight booking details.

The "Request Details" section shows the details of the order request.  The "Flight Booking Details" and "Passenger Details" are editable and must reflect the details of the actual booking, which may differ from the request.  This may happen when there are no flights on the requested day.

The order must be assigned to you before you can edit/update it.

1. Enter the details of the booked flight in the "Flight Booking Details" section.

  If you have found details of the flight(s) you want on the Internet, copy them from your browser page and past them into the Notes section.
You must enter, at minimum, the "Airline" and "Flight #" for the flight status to be changed from Requested to Confirmed.

2. Enter the details of each passenger and click "Save".

3. Your Flight Request will immediately appear in the "Orders in Progress" list of the party you assigned it to, and, if selected, an authorisation request will immediately be emailed to the authorising party. In the latter case, the Flight Request will be flagged as requiring an authorisation, so that it is not actioned before the authorisation is granted.

  You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen:   "Make Own Bookings"

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