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Uploading Documents

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It is recommended to use Google Chrome or FireFox rather than Internet Explorer, as both of these allow you to upload multiple files at a time by dropping them in the applicable area of the screen. They also show a upload progress bar. 

Internet Explorer does not support either of these features. 

There are 3 ways to upload documents in CampControl Documents:

1. The "Select files" button

Navigate to the folder you wish to upload the documents to. Click on the "Select files" button.  Select the files from your computer and click the "Open" button. You can select multiple files:
  • Select a range of files by clicking the first file, then holding down the shift key and clicking the last file.
  • Select individual files by hold down the <Ctrl> key and clicking each file.

2. The drag and drop area.

Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the files you wish to upload, drag them onto the drop area in the browser. You can upload multiple files in one go using the method above to select the files you wish to upload.

3. Mapping a drive


This allows you to open CampControl Documents in Windows Explorer, as if the documents were stored on your local hard drive.  See Mapping a drive for more details.

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