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Update Expediter Worklog

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Getting here: Worklogs -> My Worklogs -> click “Worklog#”

This screen enables you enter your Worklogs to record the work you’ve done, hours worked and where to charge it to. You need the “Create Worklog” permission to view this screen (see Manage Permissions).

For new Worklogs, select the Region and Location for which the work is done.  The choice of Regions and Locations is determined by which Regions and Locations your User ID has been designated to by your Account Manager. See Designate User for more details.

Enter the details of the work performed, which includes Dates over which the work was performed and the Posted field.

On each line detail the work you done which includes the date, work performed / item purchased, Order #, Charge-To, cost, purchase order #, invoice # and hours.

Note: to add, update or remove items from the Charge-To list see Customise CampControl.

When complete, update the status of this worksheet to “Completed”.

Click “Save” to save your changes.

Click “Print this Worklog” to print it. Note that you must save all your changes to the Worklog before printing it.

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