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Add/Update Supplier

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Each supplier has the following details:

  • Supplier Name
  • Short Name - this is an abbreviated name or code that you can use to refer to the supplier
  • Toll Free Number - if available
  • Designation - the region or location to which the supplier is applicable
  • Website - if available
  • Purchase Order Email Address - the default email address for purchase orders.  This can be changed on the creation of each P/O.
  • Customer ID - the code that the supplier uses to refer to your company.  This is printed on the Purchase Orders that your company generates.
  • Address - this information is editable before printing the Purchase Order
  • Active - use this to include or exclude the supplier from the selection list (e.g. when creating an order).  Marking the supplier as inactive, enables you to 'temporarily delete' it.  You may plan to use the supplier again in the future.
  • Hours of Operation - a free format field describing the hours of operation. e.g. Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30.
  • Notes - any notes on the supplier, including what is supplied, typical items ordered, when and when not to use them, etc.

You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

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