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View / Update Schedule

Use this screen to view, update or delete schedules.

Click 'Add new entry' to add a new schedule - see Add Schedule.

Click 'Edit selected entries' to edit schedule entries - see the notes below on editing more than one entry at a time.

Click 'Delete selected entries'
to delete schedule entries - see the notes below on deleting more than one entry at a time.

  • Multiple entries can be edited or deleted in one action.  To do this, highlight the entries you want to change, either by dragging your mouse across them or by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the desired entries.  The entries shown above in green are selected.  Once selected, click on the ‘Edit selected entries’ or ‘Delete selected entries’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • To select users by Team, click on the ‘Display filter boxes’ and use the filter on Team to display (and export) only the team of choice.
  • You may download this table to Excel by clicking the ‘Download to Excel’ button.  Once downloaded the table can be formatted for printing and circulation.

IMPORTANT: Overlapping dates are not checked.  It is the user’s responsibility to ensure no dates overlap for a given user.

You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen: "View Schedules"
To view schedules of superiors: "View Superior Schedules"
To update this screen: "Update Schedules"

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