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Budget Report

The Budget Report shows the budgeted values, actual values in Quick Books and the actual (or estimated) values in CampControl. The importance of having the CampControl costs in the same report as the accounting information is that costs that have not yet been captured by the accounting system can be managed and accounted for by operational and management staff.

The report can be configured to only show specific Account codes relevant to your field staff.

IMPORTANT: Clicking on the CampControl value, will bring up a window showing the details on how that value was calculated, with the additional option of clicking through to specific orders.

Use the date selection controls to limit the report to the date range you're interested in.

Selecting the budget, which has dates defined,  will automatically set the report date range for you too.

Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and other formats.

Ensure that the cost codes in CampControl are in-sync with the account codes in Quick Books. You can sync them using the Admin -> Customise CampControl screen.

You need the following permissions (see Manage Permissions):

To view this screen: "View QuickBooks Online Reports"
To configure account codes: "Configure QuickBooks Online Reports"

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