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Shipping Considerations

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Refer to the Freight Control page for useful guidance on labeling of containers and packages.

See the page entitled "Accurately Describing Containers and Packaging" for guidance on how to best describe containers and packaging on CampControl documents.

A Freight Control Sheet (FCS) is similar to a waybill (definition in box below), although it is created by the shipper, who may, or may not be the carrier.

  Definition of Waybill:  " A receipt given by the carrier to the shipper acknowledging receipt of the goods being shipped and specifying the terms of delivery".  From: http://www.onelook.com/

The purpose of CampControl Freight Control Sheets is twofold:

  1. To place a record on CampControl, which is immediately available online to the consignee, that (a) a shipment has been sent, (b) what is in the shipment, and (c) how the shipment has been packed.  This is very useful to the consignee, especially when delivery times are long.


    Good expediters are careful about how they pack their freight (keeping like items together), and how they label their boxes and containers, particularly if at some point in their journey they will travel on weight-concious helicopters.  Colour-coded labels can be a great help in this regard.  The CampControl Freight Control Sheet makes it very easy to record what items are in which containers, and how much each weighs.


  2. To provide the carrier with a paper document listing what is in the shipment, and how the shipment has been packed.  This document is very useful to the carrier and consignee alike, as they both use it to confirm successful handover of the shipment from the carrier to the consignee at the destination.

Ideally, the consignee prints out a copy of the appropriate FCS from CampControl before the shipment arrives, and uses it to check off each item in the shipment as it is unloaded.  This annotated copy of the FCS is then referred to when the consignee/receiver records on CampControl the successful (or otherwise) receipt of all shipped freight, and who, at the destination point,  it was delivered to.  The FCS in the possession of the carrier is typically signed by the consignee to witness that the shipment was delivered in satisfactory condition (or otherwise), and is eventually filed in the carrier's records.

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